Coming Spring 2022C

Anna Ziegler's The Wanderers, directed by Martha Jacobs,

IU Theatre Adjunct Faculty Member.


Danielle Bruce, local Bloomington actress

Jay Helphill, MFA Grad, IU Theatre*

Isabelle Gardo, MFA Grad, IU Theatre

Bobby Coyne Ayala, Third Year MFA at IU Theatre

 Jen Johansen, Indianapolis actress

*Member of Actors' Equity Association

Plot synopsis

Esther and Schmuli are Orthodox Jews embarking on an arranged marriage, despite barely knowing each other. Abe and Julia are high-profile celebrities embarking on a dangerously flirtatious correspondence, despite being married to other people. On the surface, the lives of these two couples couldn’t be more different. But Anna Ziegler’s funny, insightful, and mysterious new drama explores the hidden connections between seemingly disparate people, drawing audiences into an intriguing puzzle and a deeply sympathetic look at modern love.