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Audrey Heller Jewish Theatre of Bloomington Fund

For the Jewish Theatre of Bloomington, the last 17 years have been quite a ride. JTB has been built from the ground up since 2005. We have grown from the garage-band stage to a full-grown orchestra, putting on two full-length, high-level productions a year. We have done so mainly on our own, and occasionally in collaboration with Cardinal Stage, Bloomington Playwrights Project, and Stages Bloomington. We are dedicated to producing plays that both illuminate Jewish experience(s) and touch on universal human themes. Drawing on local actors, professional actors, IU Theatre and Drama students and directors, and Jewish writers both well established and new, JTB has grown to be one of the best Jewish theatres in the country, and the ONLY one in Indiana. We have a lot to be proud of.

But JTB now faces a crucial challenge. Audrey Heller, who has been the lynchpin of JTB for all these years, has indicated that she plans to retire from her JTB post in the next few years. Replacing her will be, to say the least, difficult, not only because she has been the driving force of JTB but she has served both full-time and unpaid all these years. We cannot expect someone to do everything she has done on a volunteer basis.


Fortunately, a wonderful donor has stepped into the breach and has generously offered to contribute a $100,000 match over a period of three years into a JTB Future Fund dedicated to support a successor to Audrey. And so, in order to ensure the continuation of JTB, we ask you now to contribute to this fund as generously as you are able to help solidify our future.

JTB has become one of the pillars of the Bloomington theatre community and a central presence in the lives of our diverse audience base. Please help us keep it intact and thriving. We cannot do it without our dedicated supporters!

We are here today due to the outstanding work of Audrey Heller. Audrey co-founded the Jewish Theatre of Bloomington in 2005, and since has grown the company from producing a few staged readings to two-to-three full productions per year.

Your gift helps us honor her legacy, her work and talents. Audrey studied theatre at Columbia, and directing at both Cal State Long Beach and IU. She has directed for both JTB and Diversity Theatre, as well as being producing artistic director for DT.

Remember, for each dollar you give, it will be matched1:1, up to $100k. This is an unprecedented and momentous opportunity for JTB.


So whether you give $5, or $500 or $5,000, your gift makes double the impact AND your donations are fully tax-deductible!

  • Gifts can also be made in the form of pledges over three years.

  • The JTB has created this fund for the future and is investing through the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County, affirming our status as a community resource and partner.

  • Gifts can also be given via IRA Charitable Gift, Stock, Estate planning, and more. Contact Meagan Niese, Development Director at the Community Foundation, or your Financial Planner for more details.

Questions? Contact JTB's Treasurer, Deb Allmayer at


How to Contribute

You can donate online at Click Donate Now and select our fund from the fund name dropdown list.​


Checks can be made out to CFBMC and sent to:

Heller Jewish Theatre of Bloomington Fund
c/o Community Foundation of Bloomington 
and Monroe County
100 S. College Avenue, Suite 240
Bloomington, IN 47404

OR make it out to Jewish Theatre of Bloomington and mail to JTB's treasurer and indicate AHJTB Fund in the memo line:

Deb Allmayer, JTB Treasurer
3201 S. Forrester St.,
Bloomington, IN, 47401

Jewish Theatre of Bloomington EIN Number: 26-4093622



If you would rather make a general donation to JTB's operating fund, click here.

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