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May 9 - 19, 2019

Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center Rose Firebay

By David Gow

Directed by Liam Castellan

May 9 - 19, 2019

A neo-Nazi Skinhead is charged with murder in Toronto. Legal Aid assigns him a Jewish lawyer, and they collaborate on a defense. The Skinhead is pushed beyond his prejudice, while the lawyer is forced to examine the limits of his own liberal tolerance, and the demons that might be underneath it. Cherry Docs is a white-hot examination of hate and how hard it is to uproot from society.  


Production Team:

Mike: Christopher Plonka

Danny: Jonathan Golembiecki


Stage Manager: Corey Hollinger

Scenic Designer: Jennie Fischer 

Costume Designer: Lizzy Grace Davis 

Lighting Designer: Mitch Ost 

Sound Designer: Kathryn de la Rosa 

Photo Gallery:


Photo Credit: Chris Fichtner

Thank you to all of our donors, supporters, and attendees! 

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