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The Price (2010)


The play takes place in the attic of a once-prosperous New York City brownstone, soon to be pulled  down in the cause of architectural progress and financial stability. Victor Franz, who is negotiating the price of the contents of his family home with an appraiser, had no interest in claiming any of these objects when his father died sixteen years before, and his wife Esther has no interest in them now.

Victor has contacted his estranged brother Walter in a final effort to settle the estate. The appraiser drives a hard bargain, the audience comes to realize that the real price the title refers to is not the value of the furnishings but the price each brother must pay for choices he has made in his life.

One reviewer said, “Miller is a writer of our everyday life and dreams, of the most American kinds of struggles, disappointments and confusions.” 

About the Director


Mark Kamie is in his second year at IU pursuing an M.F.A. in directing. He will be directing The Blizzard for BPP in February. In the Fall, he directed Paula Vogel’s Pulitzer Prize Winning play How I Learned to Drive at IU.  Also at IU, he assistant-directed The Clean House, directed Hughie and At Home at the Zoo. In Chicago he has served as director of new works for BackStage Theatre and directed Anton in Show Business. He also directed The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged) for the City Attic Theatre in New York City. Mark earned his Bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University.

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