Meet our new Managing Director

Madison Levitt


Madison grew up in Los Angeles, California performing in plays and musicals ever since she was a little girl. All throughout middle and high school, she took every theatre opportunity she could find and put her heart and soul into every production.

In her sophomore year of high school, she realized people in her area were not given the same theatre opportunities that she was given, so she started a local organization called Theatre for Change (TFC).  TFC was a way for high school students, like Madison herself to use their experience in theatre and share their passions with local communities. It was through this experience that Madison had realized what she wanted to do with her life. It was through running this organization that she found her passion for theatre management. 


When looking at schools all over the country, Madison automatically fell in love with Indiana University. She got accepted to the school of her dreams in the major of her dreams. Currently Madison is studying arts management at IU on the theatre track. She’s worked and interned with local theatres all around Bloomington since the minute she stepped on campus. When she realized there was a way for her to combine her passion for theatre and her love of the Jewish religion, she could not turn this opportunity down. Madison is so excited to get started as JTB’s new managing director!