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"The Women's Balcony"

Co-sponsored by JTB


Israel / 96 minutes / subtitles


October 20 @ 8:15 PM - November 5 @ 5:15 PM


Tickets: $5 ​


See The Ryder for location and showtimes: 

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The Jewish Theatre of Bloomington is pleased  to  join with The Ryder in co-sponsoring the Israeli film, "The Women's Balcony."

A huge box office hit in Israel, The "Women's Balcony" is a portrait of a devout Jewish community in Jerusalem suddenly under pressure from an Ultra-Orthodox rabbi to observe their faith in a more rigid way.  While on the surface, a  gently affectionate comedy,  the film also makes some powerful points about fanaticism, sexism masked as holiness, and tolerance among the faithful.

      "It's impossible to resist a film that has such rich characters and makes a complicated subject both enlightening and entertaining."   Peter Keough,  Boston Globe, 6/4/2017
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